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Service Workies Ch4 — Cache

Service Workies chapter 4 is released and ready to play!

In chapters one through three you've learned the Service Worker basics — how to manage lifecycles, react to events, and intercept requests. You've got the fundamentals down. You've eaten your veggies. Now it's time for dessert!

Flush with Cache

Service Workers enable your website or web app to work offline — through the use of caches. Your Service Worker caches the resources your page needs, so that when the user has no internet connection your Service Worker can return resources directly from the cache.

In this chapter you'll learn the ins and outs of creating, populating and deleting caches. You'll learn how to retrieve items from the cache, and how to version your caches so that you can avoid conflicts.

But beware! Not everyone wants to see you succeed...

Good luck have fun

Have a blast playing chapter four and learning how to use caches!

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